Your Guildmaster

Baqinsa (buh-KIN-tsuh) is a Nord dragonknight born and raised in Davon's Watch.   She earned the position of guildmaster after a temporary departure by her predecessor (and childhood friend) became permanent, about which Baqinsa has mixed feelings.  "I never intended for this to be the direction my life would take, but I suppose we all have surprises in life and I choose to embrace the opportunity."  Baqinsa doesn't share much about her personal life... "I met a wonderful man" she confesses... and is modest when discussing her talents.  "I like to sing when no one's around, and maybe paint a little."  But those who know her usually give her high praise, describing her as kind, level-headed, reasonable, very pleasant to be around, very bright, and very skilled as a fighter.  "I tend to look on the bright side, and as a Nord I'm partial to my swords in combat, but I can't resist my crows!"  When asked what she'd like the guild to know about her she speaks humbly.  "I'm here to make things easier however I can, and I expect that I'll have to earn your trust.  I'm somewhat shy so I don't show my face very often.  But I try to stay current on what's happening in the guild.  I want to do as good a job as I'm capable of doing."

Starlight Rank... our Wise Women


Kagero Makato (Played By Grimace76)

Kagero is a dark elf born of House Indoril who just wants to cut loose, often using her oppressive upbringing and elvish nature as excuses to remove her clothing.  She is skilled in destruction magic, does not suffer fools easily, and has a peculiar fascination with potatoes. 


Incandesa Eka (Played By Zanafar60)

Incandesa  is a dark elf pyromaniac with a rampant libido who prefers to keep her colorful past quiet.  She loves to duel, hates fish, wears a crown to stay cool, shares a secret with King Jorunn, and behaves badly if you disrespect her wife or ask about her tattoos. 


Lazum-Dar (Played By ToFightDragons)

Lazum-Dar can be heroic and daring when necessary, but would rather spend time cracking jokes and enjoying the more sinful things life has to offer. She is fiercely protective of her friends and wife, and has been known to slay an enemy with her sharp tongue instead of her bow. 


Helena Eklund (Played By tony_fable)