What are "Ranked Duels"?

Ranked duels are a fun way to measure your skill in duels, unique to Gulda Femina!  Below you'll find a description of how to acquire and build a dueling rank as well as the current leaderboard.

Dueling Ranks

How Ranked Duels Work



The objective of duel ranking is to give players a useful measure of their skill and progression in duels.  While the ranks are based on comparison to other players, Gulda Femina frowns on any value judgments related to duel ranking beyond healthy and friendly competition. Participation in duel ranking is not required for guild membership and is entirely elective. 

All duels must have results captured by a screenshot and sent to Mixmelm to be rank impacting showing who won and the names of the two characters who dueled. Mixmelm may also choose to request confirmation from both players.

Duels with players outside the guild are permitted, and those players will be ranked accordingly and subject to the same rules, but one of the players must be a current guild member and only current members are listed on the leaderboard.

All rules apply to a single character only.  Ranks and points may not be transferred among different characters. Players with more than one character may elect to rank each one individually and each character may participate in a Feature Duel within a single day. 

General Rules

  • Duel ranks span from 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest) and are earned by acquiring points.  
  • Everyone starts at Rank 1. 
  • Players rank up by acquiring 10 points and rank down by hitting -10 points.  
  • Exceeding 10 points earned by winning a duel does not carry the additional points over to the next rank.
  • When a new rank is achieved, either higher or lower, the level progress points start at zero. 
  • Level progress for Rank 10 is capped at +10 points. 
  • You cannot rank up with a win over a lower ranked opponent. 
  • Every day a player is at Rank 10 they automatically lose 1 point.
  • All duels are "to win".  If an intentional loss is suspected Mixmelm may elect to throw out the results. 

Feature Duels

Once a day players may choose to have a Feature Duel. Both players must be the same rank and may not be Rank 1 or Rank 10.  Feature Duels bump the winner up 1 rank and drop the loser down 1 rank, with no change to level progress points.  Opponents in a Feature Duel may choose a single duel, or the best of 5 duels, which must be decided before dueling begins.  Feature Duels with two different opponents in one day is not allowed. All duels are assumed not to be Feature Duels unless specifically indicated when the result is submitted to Mixmelm.


Beating the same rank:    1 point, unless the duel is a Feature Duel.

Losing to the same rank:    If ranked 1, no change. Unless the duel is a Feature Duel, if ranked 2 or higher, -1 point.

Beating a higher rank:    2 points plus a point for every gap in level. (For example, beating a player 1 rank above you awards 3 points.)

Losing to a higher rank:    If ranked 1, no change. If the opponent is 1 or 2 levels higher, -1 point, otherwise 0 points.

Beating a lower rank:    If the opponent is 1 or 2 levels lower, 1 point, otherwise 0 points. Always 0 points if the winner already has 9 points of level progress accumulated.

Losing to a lower rank:    -2 points minus one point for every gap in level. (For example, losing to a player 1 rank below you costs 3 points.)