Welcome to the Fellowship!

Gulda Femina's Fellowship is a guild dedicated to role-playing and is open to all Gulda Femina members.  The guild is character-based, and that means membership is by character and all interaction is between characters.  While the story will begin with a specific introduction, where things go from there is entirely determined by our members.  To join, send a note to Mixmelm indicating so, as well as the name(s) of the character(s) who will be participating.  Don't worry if role-playing is new to you.  It's meant to be fun and it's really quite easy, and members of the Fellowship are happy to help if it's needed.

The Technical Stuff

To role-play in the Fellowship there are some guidelines you’ll need to follow...


  • The Fellowship meets officially on Tuesdays at Baqinsa’s home, the ground floor of which functions as the guild hall, but it can be traveled to at any time (details to come).
  • You can role-play at any time by switching your in-game status to “Away”.  Doing this indicates to others in the Fellowship that you’d like to participate.
  • Communication is text-based only.  Speaking dialogue verbally on behalf of your character is not allowed.  For this reason it’s strongly recommended that you use an external keyboard to save time.  Being fast will help speed things along, and when speaking in groups it will keep you from falling behind.
  • All of your dialogue is assumed to be coming from the character you’re currently playing.  Speaking as one of your offline characters is discouraged, but if you must, preface that dialogue with the offline character’s name in [brackets].
  • Unlike in Gulda Femina, communication should be entirely character-based.  If you need to relay a message as yourself, it should be done in the Gulda Femina guild chat, or whispered, or in a group chat, and then written in (parentheses).  The Fellowship guild chat should never be used for this.
  • Non-verbal information pertaining to your character should be placed between *asterisks*. 


Tips For Role-Playing


There are a lot of ways to make role-playing fun, but here’s what works best for me.  If any of this rings true for you feel free to use it!

Start by spending some time just thinking about your character, as if she were real.  What makes her tick?  What’s happened to her up to this point that’s significant?  What does she want from life, and from other people?  What’s her opinion of herself?  What type of personality does she have?  Only when you know those kinds of things should you add the particulars.  The more time you spend on this and the more you can think and feel like your character, the better prepared you’ll be to role-play dialogue.  If it’s helpful to you, as it is to me, write down your thoughts so you can refer to them and add to them over time.

The skill is in how you reveal your character to others.  To me the best characters are interesting and a little mysterious.  So rather than showing your hand all at once, let others get to know your character and figure things out for themselves.  Show who your character is by how she interacts, not by throwing out facts.  (My character Esphal has been married to Zan’s character Incandesa for almost two years and there are still things ‘desa doesn’t know about her because, well, they just haven’t come up!)  And as you get to know other characters, make sure you make note of what you’ve observed about them, either in your head or by actually writing things down.  It’s important for the role-play to work, since, for example, you might be embarrassed if your character spent a lovely afternoon with another character and then acted like a stranger the next time they met.

If you stick with it you’ll get to a point where your character’s dialogue almost writes itself.  You’ll know instinctively how your character should respond to any situation. 

I’ll use my character Rhaile (that's her above) as an example of how to start.  She’s a newer character so I don’t have any of this written down yet, it’s just what’s in my head.

Rhaile is a young Breton redhead who loves being thought of as smart.  She does and says things that make her seem like an expert even when she knows nothing, and usually gets away with it.  She acts with confidence because she is confident.  She rarely questions herself or tempers herself and will throw herself fearlessly into any conversation knowing that she can navigate her way through by sounding intelligent, or when that doesn’t work, by charging through like a bull.  Her quick wit and headstrong demeanor strike people who meet her as quite in contrast with her quirky smile and delicate features.  Rhaile is always either reading or writing, partially because she loves to learn, and partially to look scholarly and knowledgeable to others.  She spends time loitering around the various colleges and learning institutions of Tamriel for the same reason, hoping to attract the attention of those who teach there, or perhaps catch the eye of an attractive young woman.  She becomes especially demonstrative in the presence of either.  In more introspective moments Rhaile spends time in the fens of Glenumbra, where she used to escape to as a younger kid, and is usually alone with a good book or just walking the countryside.  Her fashion sense is comfy loose clothing, untidy hair and lots of makeup, which gives her a slightly rebellious look that’s also unintentionally flattering. 

With that as a background I can then fill in details about her so that when another character asks I can either answer based on those details or make something up on the spot that fits. 

The Fellowship is new and for that reason not everything is tried and tested.  As the guild develops more detail will be added and new features introduced such as regular publishing of some of the more interesting stories that get written, or profiles of our members.  But for now just have fun, and don't be afraid to give it a try!