Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gulda Femina? 

Gulda Femina (a rough version of "a guild for girls" in latin) is "a guild for female characters with style" which means while you yourself don't have to be, you must have a character who is female (or be married in-game to a member). It's best defined as a social guild with no specific area of specialty or affiliation apart from noting "style" as a value.

How old is the guild?

The guild was created on September 21, 2015.

Who is the guildmaster?

PS ID Mixmelm, who is anonymous, created the guild and is the guildmaster. 

Who is Esphal?  Who is Baqinsa?

Mixmelm's character Esphal Eka is the co-creator and former guildmaster for role-playing purposes. Mixmelm's character Baqinsa is the current guildmaster for role-playing purposes.

What are the general guild rules?

The guild charter, which can be found on the "Charter" page, outlines the guild's rules, values, culture and code of conduct.

What do the guild ranks mean?

Belle rank is for new recruits. Grace rank is the base rank for general members. Chic rank is for anyone who has attended a guild event. Siren rank is for members distinguished as outstanding by majority officer vote. Elegance is for officers. Sultry is for senior officers. Starlight is for former Sultry rank officers.  GOTW is for the current Guldie of the Week. Rose is for members who have passed. Glow is the guildmaster rank.

Where is the guild hall?  Can I go to it?

Mixmelm's primary residence, which is the Ebonheart Chateau in Stonefalls. It's open to all guild members all the time.

Who are the officers and what are they in charge of?

You can see a list of current officers on the "Your Officers" page.  While there are specialties, the officers share guild management responsibilities and for most purposes any officer can help with any guild issue.

Can I submit feedback?

Yes, and feedback is strongly encouraged.  Officers can address most things but you may also contact Mixmelm directly.  

Are there weekly dues?

There are no dues associated with being a member.  

What is the bank policy?

Members Grace rank and above may deposit and withdraw items and deposit gold. Sultry and Glow ranks may withdraw gold. All members are expected to make equitable transactions, meaning any withdrawals beyond those of trivial value should be roughly offset by item or gold deposits. Gold withdrawals are only permitted to fund guild activities (prizes, trader bids, etc.) and never as an offset to item deposits.

Do we have a guild trader?

On occasion guild officers may decide to bid on a trader, however the guild does not as a rule seek to hire a trader each week.

How do members rank up?

Promotion to Grace is made for new members after 1 week, or for previously demoted members upon resolution of the cause of demotion. Promotion to Chic is made when a Grace rank guild member attends a guild event. Promotion to Siren is made when a Chic rank member is nominated by the guildmaster or an officer for promotion and receives a majority officer vote and guildmaster approval. Promotion to Elegance and Siren are made by the guildmaster at her discretion. Promotion to Starlight occurs when a current Sultry officer decides to resign from officership. Promotion to GOTW is made for a period of 1 week only and occurs when a member is selected as Guldie of the Week. Rose rank exists for members who have passed. Promotion to Glow may only occur if the current guildmaster steps down.

What things can get me demoted?

The most common cause for demotion is bank abuse, however members may also be demoted in cases where a violation of the charter guidelines occurs not severe enough to warrant removal from the guild.

What things can get me kicked out of the guild?

Deliberate violation of the charter guidelines including but not limited to derogatory or demeaning comments toward another player, intentional disruption of guild activities, excessive inflammatory or inappropriate comments in guild chat, and so on.

Why am I not allowed to swear in guild chat?

Gulda Femina has a "PG-13" policy in guild chat and guild-related social media. This policy exists not to restrict free speech or to be critical of members, but to have a culture of communication in line with the overall vision and culture of the guild. There are no such restrictions in group chat, zone chat or any other method of communication not specifically associated with the guild.

How can my friend get an invite to the guild?

Members may ask any officer or the guildmaster to invite a friend provided he or she has at least one female character or is married in-game to a guild member's character.

Can I submit ideas for events?

Yes, and it's encouraged. Any officer or the guildmaster can assist you with launching an event. Additionally, with officer permission any member has the opportunity to lead an event.

What rules exist for events?

All events are subject to the rules spelled out in the charter.  Beyond that event rules are at the discretion of the event leader and should be made clear to all participants.  Event leaders have the authority to remove any members from the event if the prevailing rules are not followed.

What rules exist for guild tabards?

Guild tabards are not a requirement for guild members.  Wearing a Gulda Femina tabard is equivalent to advertising for the guild and therefore you're expected to follow the code of conduct guidelines while wearing it whether you are participating in a guild activity or not.  There is no rule against wearing another guild's tabard at an event, however you may be asked to remove it by the event leader.

Why does the MOTD sometimes begin with "We make this place look good!"?

That phrase is used as a tag line to reinforce the guild's identity as "a guild for female charaters with style".

Why do Mixmelm and others sometimes enclose text in parentheses?

For role-playing purposes some guild members use parentheses to indicate who is talking.  In such cases the general rule is that text written in parentheses is text from the player, while text not in parentheses is text from that player's current character.

Where did the guild logo come from?  What does it mean?

The logo was designed by member Syraena7 and combines the guild's name and description with the logo that appears on the guild's tabard. The symbol at the center represents the letter "S" which is though to refer to the word "Style".