Weekly Events


  • Sewer Saturday  -  (PlentifulOrgans) leads groups through the muck and mire in the Imperial City Sewers. 
  • Skyshard Sunday  -  (RCGJ1977) leads groups to collect skyshards, region by region, and delve bosses and dolmens too!
  • Magic Monday  -  Kathlyn (played by kathlen99) acts as your guide to finding lorebooks all around Tamriel.
  • Terror Tuesday  -  Kezkej (played by kedgie1982) scours the lands for world bosses and leads the fight to defeat them.
  • PvP Wednesday  -  Our longest running event.  Blunty Roach (played by DLR5K) leads as we carve our way through the enemy.  Some weeks we'll be in Cyrodiil, and other weeks... battlegrounds!
  • Trial Thursday  -   Trial expert (rebbrit22) leads groups through trial dungeons.  Note trials are limited to groups of 12 and run best with a full count so start time is variable depending on attendance.
  • Fishing Friday  -  (Vantruss and kedgie1982) share this event and offer a relaxing end to your week with fishing trips at the bests spots in Tamriel.