Gulda Femina Charter


All Guldies are expected to abide by certain rules as a condition of membership, as follows:

  • All players must have at least one female character in active use, or be married in-game to a player who does.
  • No graphic adult themes or inflammatory subjects should be discussed in any guild forum.  Since this is subject to interpretation, players should use their best judgment.
  • Sultry officers should be informed of any inappropriate or concerning character behavior conducted in association with the guild.
  • No inappropriate or concerning behavior occurring in a real-world setting (verbal or physical abuse, sexual harassment, etc.) shall be tolerated from any member of the guild whether done in association with the guild or not.


Guild Management

  • Guild decisions are made by officers by majority vote within 48 hours of proposal.  Officers failing to vote are not counted in the decision.  The guildmaster may veto officer decisions, or may delegate this responsibility to Sultry officers.
  • To ensure open communication and promote trust, issues brought to officers by guild members are confidential within the officer community or as requested by the member, require resolution, and may not expose the member to retaliation. 
  • Issues being discussed by guild management are never to be discussed with non-officers except in cases where member feedback is required. Officers are expected not to question decisions made by guild management or criticize fellow officers in the presence of non-officers.  


Sultry Rank Officers

Sultries own the management of all guild tasks, as listed here or otherwise. Sultries may either choose to perform the required tasks themselves or delegate any or all of them to an Elegance rank officer.  Sultries have authority to instruct Elegance rank officers in how to perform any assigned tasks and own ensuring that they are carried out correctly by that officer.  All Sultry and Elegance rank officers own identifying coverage for any assigned tasks during periods of absence. 



Should be reviewed daily or every few days.  Must be done at least once every 10 days due to history timeout.  Here is a summary of the meaning of each rank:

  • Belle - Default rank at join, or as a demotion rank for bank abuse (demotions are at the discretion of the officers).
  • Grace - Players should be promoted to this rank immediately upon joining.
  • Chic - After attending a guild event.
  • Siren – Appointed by vote-in by Mixmelm and >50% of officers.
  • Elegance – Officers, appointed by Mixmelm.
  • Sultry – Senior officers, appointed by Mixmelm.
  • Starlight - Advisors to the guildmaster, appointed by Mixmelm.
  • Rose – For our honored fallen.

Members get kicked for failure to rectify bank abuse (after a mail warning is sent with no response from the offending player), repeated inappropriate behavior, or if they have not signed into ESO for 4 months or more.  When the roster count is at 500, and there are no players meeting the 4 month cutoff, the player in Grace rank who has not signed in to ESO for the longest period of time may be kicked to make room for a new invite.  Members in Chic rank or above must be approved by a Sultry officer before being kicked, regardless of time offline. 


Bank Management

The Gulda Femina bank needs to be monitored in order to keep inventory organized.  This consists of two main tasks.  First, like items should  be stacked whenever possible to keep the inventory count low and allow room for the greatest number of different items.  Second, when necessary, unwanted to low level items should be withdrawn and sold on the open market with 100% of the proceeds being redeposited into the bank as gold (less fees associated with selling, which may be reimbursed  to the seller from the proceeds).  Currently the prevailing guideline for this exercise is to sell any item lower than Lvl 40, however this is subject to the best judgment of the officers. 


Gulda Femina's Fellowship

Details to come. 



Any officer or Siren rank member may invite players to the guild.  Non-officers wishing to invite a player must ask an officer.  The roster should be managed with the goal of including as many active and interested players as possible.  the only requirement for selecting a player to invite is proof that the player has a female character, however there are common sense guidelines that can be used to improve the likelihood of a good match for the guild.  For example, player names or character names that serve to demean or insult others would probably not suggest a player that would be a good ambassador for Gulda Femina's culture.  The Sultry managing recruitment owns setting policy for who should be recruited, who should be kicked, and driving efforts to maximize recruiting effectiveness.  


PS4 Communities

The moderator for both the Gulda Femina community and the Gulda Officers community is Mixmelm.  For the general guild, members must request access or an invitation from Mixmelm to join (invites are not sent unsolicited regardless of rank).  The roster must be periodically scrubbed to kick anyone who is no longer a member of Gulda Femina.  For the officer guild, officers are invited or kicked by Mixmelm.  When possible all officers (Sultry and Elegance ranks) should check the officer board daily.  Gulda Femina also has sister communities for more specific topics.  These include Gulda's Character Build Forum, Incandesa's T.T.s, Motif Masters, Gulda Market Insiders, and numerous communities owned by Gulda Femina members.


Gulda Femina Website


Facebook Group

Admins own adding new members or approving adds done by existing members.  The roster must be periodically scrubbed to kick anyone no longer a member of Gulda Femina.  No non-guild members should be in the group.  Data associated with the group:

  • Roster file - This is a list of current Facebook members only, both Facebook name and PS ID.  Character names are also listed when given.  Comments are added to the thread when changes are made.
  • This charter document.
  • Rules for Ranked Duels.
  • Event calendar - Events are created here to advertise upcoming guild events.    


MOTD Updates

Only officers and Mixmelm have the ability to post and all co-own the responsibility.  No frequency requirement, but should always be done the day of a guild event.  Rules of etiquette are: 

  • No profanity, graphic adult themes or inflammatory subjects.
  • General discussion of information relevant to all members, or advertisement of guild events.
  • Signed by officers or Mixmelm only.    


Guild Events

A guild event may be created or led by any guild member but the content, the time and identification of a prize (where relevant) must be approved by Mixmelm or a Sultry.  The leader of the event also owns working with Mixmelm or an officer to post a MOTD (and a Facebook / website / Discord event if desired).  Any logistical requirements related to running the event are the responsibility of the event leader.  Any previously agreed upon prize will be awarded from the guild bank directly or the guild bank will reimburse the player awarding the prize with gold or market value equivalents.



The guild tabard design is set and is not ever to be changed unless approved by Mixmelm.  Colors may be changed at the discretion of the officers.


Guild Traders

Mixmelm and Sultry officers co-own bidding on guild traders.  Since a bid locks in that trader until the bidding cycle ends, and since bids cannot be lowered, Sultries should check with Mixmelm and each other if there is reason to believe a different trader or a lower bidding price may be more desirable, or if bidding should be skipped altogether.  


Sultry and Elegance Pairings

For efficiency, Sultry and Elegance rank officers are informally paired, with the expectation that the groups work together to cover responsibilities assigned to the Sultry officer.      


Guild Hall

Currently the Ebonheart Chateau, owned by Mixmelm on behalf of the guild.  All members of Gulda Femina have access, however decorator privileges are not assigned out and furnishings are managed by Mixmelm only.  In cases of excess inventory, as with guild bank inventory it may be sold off with 100% of the proceeds being deposited into the Gulda Femina bank.